Seekers and Monsters Minis (9 pieces)

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  • 9 detailed PVC minis ranging from 41mm to 154mm
  • Six player characters and three monsters


Demon Wrestler: On the barren rock of obsidian and fungi known as the Black Isle, their Essence turned inward, making those known as the Demon Wrestlers hardened and able to withstand impossible physical conditions. They can lend their strength as a group to a single warrior, making them capable of battling the demons that spew forth from The Great Scar. Their war with them is endless, and so is their commitment.

Seafarer: And last were those on the sea. Their Essence was tossed in the waters and became unstable, causing mutations suited for their survival. They might sprout extra limbs to increase their strength or grow a gaping mouth on their kneecap to help them hold onto sea serpents. Each Seafarer has a mutation or three and none are the same. They have developed methods to shape crustaceans into living weapons and tools that help them breathe underwater or navigate through the chlorine clouds on the far seas.

Skimmer: In the floating isles of Sky City, where treachery hides behind rigid formality, their Essence bonded with the Blice Crystals that allow their islands to rest in the sky. Skimmers can alter gravity, allowing them to leap great distances or wield massive weapons. With the aid of spore-propulsion packs, they can even outmaneuver even Wyverns.

Plant Weaver: On the verdant island of New Gaia, ruled by The Council of Mothers, their Essence bonded with plants giving them the power to reshape them into living weapons and complex tools. They are the innovators, and their living devices have crossed the seas to the other islands and have become a way of life for most.

Chaos Wielder: Bonding with Chaos, trying to tame it and control it, is not for the faint of heart. A Chaos Wielder knows that Chaos is not a force to be trifled with, that the addiction must be controlled, that only someone who bends their will toward achieving true mastery of Chaos can hope to prevent the primal force from destroying them utterly. Chaos Wielders are those who start to walk that path, the path of one who controls Chaos rather than letting Chaos control them.

Beast MasterOn the island of Pacari, the people's Essence bonded with beasts allowing them to take on their shape and attributes or even command great herds. They are tribal people reflective of the beast they choose at a young age—the tribes who bond with bog wolves and very different from those who bond with four-winged ravens.

Demons: Spewing up from deep within the planet, demons seek to wipe humanity from the face of Asunder. Violent and cruel, demons are also clever, and their immortality makes them able to play the long game to reach their goals. Demons are formidable combatants, but they are also consummate tricksters and tempters, offering power in exchange for service.

The Naga: Humans are not the only sentient beings on Asunder. The Naga—huge, snakelike beings—live in the swamps of the world. They prey upon human settlements, taking what they need through pillage.

The Devourer: Ancient legend tells that the devourers were originally created as a race of servants and messengers for the gods, creatures that would do the gods’ bidding and communicate the gods’ desires to their other creations. When humanity was created and imbued with the divine spark of Essence, one god feared that the humans would overrun the world, consuming its natural resources and leaving it a barren ruin. To keep humanity in check, he twisted the gods’ servants and gave them predatory instincts and a driving need to feed upon humanity.


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