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THE EIGHTH is the epic story of three teenagers who unlock a piece of ancient Sumerian armor and end up committing murder. Before they know it, they find themselves on a terrifying journey to destroy the world, with no going back.

Math is the language David, our anti-hero, uses to command the living piece of armor to take different shapes, his true superpower. The armor once belonged to The Eighth Sage of the Sumerian world. The other seven were responsible for the flood that cleansed the earth four thousand years ago, an event some would like to see happen again.

David believes the armor can make the world change. However, his two friends share different thoughts. Emma sees the armor as a way to exact revenge, and Atticus wants to destroy it. They leave their hometown in ruins and scramble across the world searching for the missing pieces of the armor and themselves.

The series is hard-hitting, fantastical, and full of twists. All brought to life by the amazing art of JORIN EVERS, my longtime creative collaborator.

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